Biostratigraphy / Sequence Stratigraphy Services

In the 21st Century biostratigraphy remains the sole available method of regualar age dating of stratigraphical sections. This includes age calibration of wireline log intervals or downhole profiles produced by new tools such as inorganic chemical (chemostrat) or fluid inclusion techniques.
Greatly enhanced stratigraphical resolution is afforded when these techniques are used appropriately in conjunction with available biostratigraphic information.
Reservoir / source rock recognition, seismic marker identification, picking of casing or coring points by microfossils and biosteering of horizontal wells are routine services of TPG.
Sequence Stratigraphy is now accepted routinely within the industry and is integral to our interpretation and written reports. We will always make suggestions on sequence tract or parasequence recognition in our written reports, commensurate with data quality.
Microfossils provide solid palynofacies / palaeoenvironmental information to distinguish transgressive, highstand and forced regressive intervals, plus flooding surfaces and sequence boundaries, when plotted downhole with wireline data.
If wireline log data are provided digitally, they will be included on analytical and interpretative charts as a standard service and interpreted with the biostratigraphical data, at no additional cost.