• Author and coordinator of 3 multiwell biostratigraphy studies (with geochemistry and chemostratigraphy) in the Early – Late Cretaceous of the Sirte Basin, Libya (TPG – 2005 / 2006):

    1. 1. 22 well study: Gialo – Nakhla Field; Wintershall/Waha (with iReS)
    2. 2. 3 well study: N-97 Oil Field, C97/1 Concession; Wintershall Libya (with iReS)
    3. 3. P1-97, P2-97; Wintershall (with Peter Walko; Geochemical Investigations Ltd)

  • Detailed age dating, unconformity recognition and sequence analysis of the Upper Sirte Shale Formation, Maragh Formation, Upper / Lower Sarir Sandstone and Middle Sarir Claystone (TPG – 2006)

  • Palynofacies and palynological age dating for Corelab Deep Sirte Basin Study I & II: Memouniat [Ashgillian], Tannezuft [Wenlockian – Llandoverian, A. Wanin [Fammenian], M’rar [Visean] and Amal Shale [Ladinian – Karnian] formations (Spot samples from various wells; Corelabs – 2006 / 2008)
  • Author and coordinator (with Geoscience Wales and Central Petroleum Laboratories, Sudan) of 14 well study – An integrated biostratigraphical review study; Canar-Haraz-Suttaib-Zabia area, Block 4, Muglad Basin Sudan (2009)

  • Various wells and field sections examined for lithostratigraphy and biostratigraphy from the Palaeozoic, Mesozoic and Tertiary of Libya

  • Technical sales undertaken on a series of geochemistry studies carried out by The Geochem Group / Sonatrach on the Petroleum basins of Algeria, (1999 –2000)

  • Principle coordinator of a major world bank / Egypt Gen. Petrol. Corp. study involving Palaeozoic to Tertiary stratigraphy sedimentology, geochemistry and geophysics of the Nile Basin (13 wells and field sections): The basin development, stratigraphy and hydrocarbon potential of the Assyut-Qena area, Nile Basin (Egyptian General Petrol. Corp. / Gearhart Geoconsultants - 1987)

  • Palynostratigraphical studies of the Mesozoic of 3 wells from the Tano Block, offshore Ghana, (1989)

  • Well samples from South Africa